Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Forest Peoples of the European Union by Paolo Paron

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The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Forest Peoples of the European Union calls for respect those weaker than ourselves, our diverse heritage and nature in all its facets. It invites children to walk through nature in parks or woods, discovering the joy of spotting the many little animals around us, of searching for an unpolluted corner of the world, of finding a moment for themselves.
The text is for children, with their receptive imaginations. But the message will touch the forgotten heart of childhood for those who now can damage, change and destroy habitats, wildernesses, woods and forests and especially for mere personal gain, blind to the broad and fascinating picture beyond our short lives.
Forty articles urge us to take a moment away from the flurry of engagements that life throws at all, to pause for breath and become aware of the world around us. We are invited to savour the joy of small things – an eddy in the river, the strange outline of a cloud, the soft song of the nightingale – and remember the words of Birgil Kill Streight, chief of the Oglala Lakota telling us always carry in our hearts the words “Mita Kuye Oiasin” (“You are all my brothers”): stones, water, earth, trees, animals, humans, because we all share life.
Ebook: 86 pages
Format: PDF, ePub
Published in 2011
ISBN 978-0-9568792-3-3
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