LE AVVENTURE DI PINOCCHIO Nella terra del Sol Levante - a fumetti by Alfredo Vismara

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They are tales with a judo storyline, these Pinocchio’s adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun; a fable, an alternative continuation of Carlo Lorenzini’s masterpiece, flavoured by the philosophy of the imaginary Master Terada, defining ”good” judo, that of a symbolic initiation that lets Pinocchio die as wooden puppet to be reborn, flesh and blood, a boy.
Our hero reaches Japan and becomes charmed by judo. From his earliest days as a puppet he was mischievous, answering Geppetto with a kick on the nose; getting rid of the inopportune Talking Cricket with the stroke of a hammer; accepting the confidence of the worst scoundrels around, like the Cat and the Fox; falling for the ideology of Lucignolo; lying to the girl with blue hair who offered to accompany him through life.
But Japan is magic, and we find him enthralled by a judo education centre, in opposition to one that teaches only how to beat an opponent.
Master Terada Masashige accepts Pinocchio and subjects him to seven tiring days of tough training, watching his understanding of the principle of judo in street brawls and his behaviour towards those weaker than himself. Every evening he teaches the Way, explaining the circumstances in man’s history that have led him to evil, and offering the solution.
Ebook: 108 pages
Published in 2011
ISBN 978-0-9568792-0-2
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