Raw by Haig Barclay

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This collection of RAW poems is the result of a man reflecting about multifarious aspects of living and dying and all manner of facets of life in between.  The poet shares his insights with a vivid directness, a highly individual voice. He has evolved techniques of his own, repetitions, overlaps, varied lengths and rhythms that have nothing or little to do with preconceived structures but structures that can be appreciated by and have an impact on anyone, anywhere.  He expresses his declared intent to make poetry more available to all by providing a ‘personal take’ to each poem – sometimes focusing on the inspiration and even time and place of writing, at other times outlining the message he attempts to convey, and in a self-effacing but also indulgent way referring to techniques which have ‘come about’ in his putting pen to paper.


Ebook: 64 pages
Format: PDF
Published in 2016
ISBN  978 -0-9955226-0-2 


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