Passionate about quality, passionate about communicating our clients’ messages in a culturally appropriate way, we have embraced a new kind of translation service: transcreation.
The demands of today’s global world, with its continuously developing means of communication – social media in particular – mean that widely varying cultures, languages, modes of thought and behaviour, moral codes are being exposed to each other as never before. Yet people are often unaware that the meaning, the nuance of words in any one language can be variously received by different cultures. Misunderstandings arise, susceptibilities are offended, sensitivities overlooked, effect dulled. That is why, working with our associate Bourchier Ltd – the UK-based editorial and publishing services provider – we have taken on board the process of transcreation, a process that adapts the written word to communicate precisely and accurately to the targeted audience.
Of course not all translations require transcreation. Our needs analysis form offers practical tips to help you establish the Interlinguæ service that best suits your individual needs or help us make the most appropriate offer to you.
Please see Terms and conditions for further information.