About us

Interlinguæbooks is the publishing division of Interlinguae Ltd. With offices in London and Oxford, the company promotes and manages Interlinguæ’s publishing services and also cooperates with the partner companies Interlinguae Srl, based in Parma, Italy – a company with 30 years of experience in translation, interpreting and language training services – and Interlinguæ Pte Ltd in Singapore. 
Our mission is to help people of different languages and cultures communicate, learn about each other, their products and services, while at the same time respecting and safeguarding their specific cultural backgrounds.
To demonstrate our mission commitment, every year, Interlinguae organises and sponsors Intercultural events that showcase art from around the world. The main theme must remain true to the concept of finding and expressing links between art of different languages and cultures. We have also organized musical events, with the participation of musicians from all over the world – and we have also promoted our ebooks through live, online webinars, at international exhibitions and for the World Book Day.
Personal service
Your dedicated Interlinguae Project Manager will oversee your project – whether translation only, book production only, or the full package from translation to publication – ensuring it runs smoothly, on time and to budget. Your Project Manager will be your point of contact throughout the project and will keep you informed at all stages, to the level of detail you require. 
Quality guarantee
Our translators are all ISO certified. Our reviewers are specialists in their chosen disciplines, many from universities across the world.