N.P.Hafiz Mohamad

N.P.Hafiz Mohamad


Born and brought up in Calicut, on the Malabar Coast of Kerala, India, N.P.Hafiz Mohamad is a sociologist, writer, illustrator, corporate trainer and family counsellor. His grandfather, N.P. Aboo, a freedom fighter in the national movement against colonial rule, and his father, N.P.Mohammed, a well-known Malayalam writer, were strong influences in his childhood.

He has worked as editor for Malayalam Publications Books Publishers and Malayalam Magazines, such as Aasaya Samanwayam, Plus:1 (of OK Magazine Group, UAE), and is now Chief Editor of Gulf Focus, a magazine published by Varthamanam Ventures in Doha, Qatar. His works, all in Malayalam, an Indian regional language, include, some translated into English and other regional languages, five short story collections, ten books for children and eight collections of essays.

His awards include: Edassery Award for Short Story Collection, State Sahithya Academy, State Institute for Children, N.J. George, Kairali-Atlas Awards for Children’s Literature, Best Teacher Award at the University of Calicut and Best Social Worker from ADIC-INDIA.

He is highly qualifed, with an MA in Sociology (Kerala University), M.Phil. (Bangalore University), Ph.D (University of Calicut), postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Guidance and in Mass Communication; Fullbright Scholarship (Boston College, USA). He is now actively involved in family counselling and therapy while studying Theme Centred Interaction at the Ruth Cohn Institute for Theme Centred Interaction (Switzerland).

Hafiz lives with his wife Thahira and son Basim Abu, a designer, in Calicut. His daughter Yari and granddaughter Esra live in Toronto, Canada.

Email: nphafiz@gmail.com

Author of A Duel in the Forest - Children’s Fiction and

A wonder cruise across the skies

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