Tales of a Red Cross Stretcher Bearer by William Fox

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It was the thought that my father would have been 100 in 2011 that inspired me to publish the story of his service from 1927 to 1945 as a Royal Welch Fusiliers – happy days as a bassoonist; a taste of the Far East; the Japanese invasion of China. In 1938 he left the Army – for good, he thought – then, in 1940, found himself left behind to look after the wounded near Dunkirk. His three years as a prisoner-of-war in Poland witnessed the build-up to Operation Barbarossa.
This is not the traditional war or prison-of-camps story but about survival, and his love of music, literature and my mother, Lucinda.
I have used his memories and his letters to Lucinda from the camp, some reproduced here. My mother’s did not survive, although the parcels she sent were received. It is correspondence that reads strangely, as though my father was merely away from home for time, while Lucinda’s parcels remind one of Christmas or birthday presents. But Stalag ... was no holiday camp. Yet there is humour and no hint of anger against his captors.
Stephen Fox
Ebook: 105 pages
Format: PDF, ePub
Published in 2012
ISBN 978-0-9568792-9-5
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