A Duel in the Forest - Children’s Fiction by N.P.Hafiz Mohamad

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A Duel in the Forest is different from most fables. The story depicts animals as possessing their own real characters – they have no human names, they do behave very much like humans. It is a story of those who seem weak and meek against the powerful and violent; of modesty against the arrogance; of wit against strength; indeed, in effect, of a revolution.
The story follows the conflict between the monkey and the leopard. The monkey employs her wits to repeatedly humiliate and defeat the powerful and ruthless leopard for wronging her.
Both children and adults alike will enjoy the simple and easy narrative. It takes you through the evergreen forests of India and introduces you to the animals that live there. The state award-winning book is the author’s first novel.
Originally written in Malayalam, a regional language in the Indian state of Kerala, it has been translated by Abraham Joseph.
Ebook: 51 pages
Format: PDF, ePub
Published in 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9573936-7-7
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