Publishing with Interlinguae

First steps
The first step is to decide exactly what you want from your publication project. We can guide you in this decision, but the final choice depends on your individual needs.
We are here to advise you on all aspects of your book. For example, will your project benefit from review by a domain expert – lawyer, doctor, engineer, historian, art historian, literary expert? Will your translation project benefit from transcreation services (this may be especially relevant for subjects dealing with culture, religion, politics, history, philosophy, literature, etc.)? Will your book be best sold as an ebook or print book?
For an initial quote and assessment of your project, please go to Manuscript submission. There you can submit your manuscript and complete the ‘Needs requirement’ form. We will then assess your work, taking into account your specific publishing requirements, and recommend relevant services. 
Alternatively, email us at to discuss.
Ebooks and print books have much in common. Your book is likely to need some of the following services:
  • Editing (structural editing, rewriting or simply copy-editing)
  • Translation/Transcreation
  • Book design
  • Typesetting and artwork
  • Proof-reading
  • Jacket design
  • Indexing
  • Ebook creation
  • Printing 
Alternatively, you may wish to undertake some of these services yourself.
For related costs, please contact us at
Our recommendations will also suggest a timescale for your project. A typical schedule is: 
Month 1 Manuscript handover
Month 2 Interlinguae recommendations
Month 3 Editing and book design
Month 4 Proof-reading and jacket design
Month 5 E-book creation 
Month 6 Marketing, distribution (and print books, if required)
Costs and royalties
To host your ebook on our website we charge £ 2.4 per month, minimum 24 months.
For an estimate of ebook and/or print book production costs or for any other costs (for example, for translation/transcreation or marketing and publicity) please contact us at
With many publishers you will earn only around 10% of the royalties.
With Interlinguae you can earn between  20% and 45% of the net sales receipts for your book, depending on the nature of the services you subscribe to.
For further details, please go to Manuscript submissions.